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Smoke E. Digglera / A Juke Joint (2020)


Responsible for many of the hits you have heard on the radio over the past 23 years, SMOKE E. DIGGLERA is a soulful R&B artist / producer, who blends traditional Rhythm & Blues with elements of pop, hip-hop, jazz and the Motown Sound. SMOKE E. DIGGLERA was born in Louisville, Kentucky and began singing at the age of five. During his early years, SMOKE E. DIGGLERA sang at home, in church and in school productions. He studied other artist's musical and vocal talents which deeply influenced his own musical style.

In the mid 1990's, SMOKE E. DIGGLERA (then named "Smokey") was a member of the R&B group Playa who got their big break when they were discovered by platinum selling R&B group Jodeci after they sang backstage for them at a show. Under the guidance of Jodeci producer DeVante, Playa was a part of production / singing / writing collective dubbed "Da Bassment" whose members included Grammy Award winning artists Missy Elliot and Timbaland.

Playa, with SMOKE E. DIGGLERA on lead vocal, released their debut album "CHEERS 2 U" in 1997. The hit single of the same name reached 10 on Billboard's R&B / Hip-Hop Chart and remains a favorite among music lovers today. The video for "CHEERS 2 U" ( made history by becoming the most requested video on Black Entertainment Television (BET).

SMOKE E. DIGGLERA's time with Playa gave him the opportunity to work with some of the music industry's biggest stars as an artist, producer, arranger, and writer including: Grammy Award winning legend Al Green, Grammy Award winning artist and producer Kanye West and Grammy Award winning producer Teddy Riley. After the group disbanded, SMOKE E. DIGGLERA formed his own record label, Bittersweet LLC., on which he released many solo projects and projects with artists he has signed to the label.

In 2011, SMOKE E. DIGGLERA contributed to hip hop star Drake's sophomore album entitled "Take Care". The song "Look What You've Done", which is a tribute that Drake recorded about his mother, features music written, produced, arranged and performed by SMOKE E. DIGGLERA. SMOKE E. DIGGLERA won a 2012 Best Rap Album Grammy for his contributions to Drake's "Take Care" album.

Founded in 1992 as "14K Harmony," the group, discovered by manager Kevin Peck, evolved to become "Dru Hill" in 1996, engraving itself into the legacy of R&B music and bringing, dynamic sound to the ever-changing industry. The members of today's Dru Hill include Nokio, SisQó, SMOKE, and Black. Known for hits like "Tell Me," "In My Bed," "Never Make A Promise," and "How Deep Is Your Love," the group has given the world music for the ages. Since welcoming newest members, Playa's SMOKE and Black in 2018, the group has only risen to new levels of greatness. Lending their incredible singing range to the highly anticipated sixth studio album, Second Coming, Playa adds another dimension of sound to the already-immaculate harmony that Dru Hill is renowned for, while the timeless sounds of its founding members remain in perfect sync. Nokio's genius as a songwriter, producer, and singer continues to elevate while SisQó's musical brilliance shines brighter with every performance!

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